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Lifestyle Concierge can make your life easier and lifestyle better in several ways:

  • Time Freedom – You can’t make more time in the day. Delegate the things you “have to do” so you can choose more of what you “want to do”.
  • Stress-Relief – Busy professionals and homemakers can get stressed keeping all the balls in the air 24/7/365.  Hand over your stress and no more worrying about letting something drop.
  • Privacy – Sometimes asking family or friends for help can be as stressful as doing it yourself. We never judge or make you feel guilty. We are here to help!
  • Savings – Your time is extremely valuable, but there are also many others savings. We will use our vehicles for errands, remove impulse purchases, find discounts, and avoid employer taxes of having your own assistant.
  • Peace of Mind – The more you work with your personal concierge, the more they will learn and anticipate your needs. You can count on Lifestyle Concierge to take care of it: promptly, efficiently, carefully and professionally.

As the demand on your time is increasing, the 24-hours available are not. Individuals are suffering from more hours needed to at their jobs and decreasing time for their personal lives.

According to a USA Today article, unscheduled absences rose 21% due to personal needs. Many companies across the country have realized the need for “extra time” and now offer concierge services as part of their benefits package. Many individuals are now more stressed because of the “always on” needs of the digital age.

The trend is clear, concierge and personal assistant services are being unutilized more than ever before in many arenas. The results are an increased sense of well being, personal fulfillment and much more. Let us be part of your success!